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Aleksey Orlov Launched a Business Incubator in the Bogoslovsky Industrial Park

The production process was officially launched in the Bogoslovsky industrial park in Krasnoturinsk on September 28. 

The Bogoslovsky industrial park is the main industrial site of the Krasnoturinsk Advanced Development Zone (ADZ). A business incubator was built in the industrial park especially to create conditions for small and medium businesses - small-scale productions, for which it is not feasible to build their own production facilities but more convenient to use a modern equipped building and the developed infrastructure of the park.  

The area of the industrial business incubator is 1,500 square meters. The business Incubator includes production facilities and offices. The complex is equipped with industrial gates and overhead cranes with the payload capacity of 3.2 tonnes. 

 “The tax incentives, the investors may make use of today when establishing new productions on the territory of Krasnoturinsk that are associated with the status of an advanced social and economic development zone, are great help for their development”, said First Vice Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region Aleksey Orlov.

Those were the tax incentives and technical capabilities of the business incubator that attracted KapRemMotors to the Bogoslovsky industrial park. The company will apply for the ADZ resident status till the end of 2018.  KapRemMotors opened a service center for maintenance and overhaul repairs of gas turbine engines and mobile automated power plants used to generate electricity in the far north at the industrial park site. Its main customers are companies of the oil and gas sector. The project CAPEX will amount to RUB 25 million. Around 35 jobs will be created at the enterprise. The future plans are to establish an equipment test station and engine component assembly operations in the Bogoslovsky.

Besides, Aleksey Orlov, Regional Minister of Investment and Development Victoria Kazakova, CEO of the Development Corporation of Sverdlovsk Region Sergey Kiselev, and Head of the Krasnoturinsk City District Aleksandr Ustinov took part in the opening ceremony of the second shop of BKZ (Bogoslovsky Cable Plant).

BKZ produces an aluminum equivalent of copper cables with considerable competitive advantages in terms of the price and high performance characteristics. The main consumers of the products are energy and oil companies in the European part of Russia and Siberia. Today, the metal processing volume is 35 tonnes per month. After the second shop is launched, the plant will process 200 tonnes of aluminum and aluminum alloys per month.

It is noteworthy that BKZ uses energy resources of the Bogoslovsky industrial park: the enterprise is connected to the systems of potable and industrial water supply and discharge of the industrial park.

Another resident of the Krasnoturinsk ADZ whose SOP took place on September 28 too is LesKom Razvitie. A businessman from China has developed the production of ice cream sticks in Krasnoturinsk. At full capacity, the plant will produce nearly 7 billion sticks per year.

“The current headcount is 60, while the plan is to hire over 160 employees in the future. The project of deep wood processing in the Sverdlovsk Region is fully funded by the Chinese investor. Roughly, RUB 90 million has bee already invested. It is a successful example of a foreign investor working in an advanced social and economic development zone,” said Aleksey Orlov.

Each of the above investment projects has been supported by the Development Corporation of Sverdlovsk Region. The Corporation is now receiving requests for another industrial business incubator.

28 September 2018, 11:00
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