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Privileges and Financing

DCMU will advise you what kind of privileges and financing modes for your projects you could choose and apply for. If necessary, we could also co-invest into the project in partnership with you.

Available privileges and subsidies

The system of existing incentives and support is versatile yet it could look complicated at first glance. Therefore, we deliberately do not publish exhaustive list of terms regulating privileges and project financing. If you consider starting a project in Sverdlovsk Region kindly let us know and we will be happy to prepare tailor-made offer for you.

Acquiring Priority Status for your investment project

TAX RATE Regular conditions Priority Project
Corporate profit tax 20% 16,5%
Corporate property tax 2,2% 0%
Land tax 1,5% 0%

Setting up a production in Advanced Development Territory or Special Economic Zone.

Tax privileges Regular conditions Special Economic Zone Advanced development territory
Area Sverdlovsk Region Titanium Valley Town of Krasnoturyinsk
Corporate profit tax 20% 3% 5%
Land tax 1,5% 0% 0%
Insurance contributions 30% 30% 7,6%

Signing Special Investment Contract

This is a tailor-made Contract signed between Russian Federation, Federal Subject and the Investor. In the framework of such Contract Russian Government bodies are offering special privileges (i. g. special rates for Corporate profit tax, Property tax, etc.) as well as other preferences (setting up an infrastructure, leasing commercial property). On the other hand, the Investor fulfills the obligation to develop his project according to agreed plan.

Receiving the subsidies

What kind of subsidies available?

  • Compensation of the interest rate for your loan
  • Subsidies are available for agriculture projects (greenhouses, livestock, wholesale distribution centers)
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