Selecting industrial and warehouse property for your business
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We provide assistance in search for commercial property

in Sverdlovsk Region

Industrial Parks, Special Economic Zones and Advanced Development Territory
Commercial property objects in our database (land plots, industrial workshops, warehouses, etc.)
sq. meters of warehouses
Territory For Advanced Social and Economic Development
Special Economic Zone

We will help you to identify the best location for your business project.

According to your requirements we can select industrial and warehouse property which is ready to be utilized

Our database of the property is most extensive and up-to-date one in Sverdlovsk Region.

We will offer you facilities at Industrial or Logistics Park of your choice for your manufacturing project.

How do we work

Please send us a request
Please send us a request stating the main characteristics of the desired property (area in sq. meters, required infrastructure, etc.)
DCMU will select the best objects according to your request
Based on your request and the specifities of the region we are preparing the shortlist of the property objects – you will choose the one that matches your requirements at most.
DCMU will organize the site visit
DCMU is organizing your visit to the region so you could personally evaluate the facilities and identify those matching your needs
Assistance with finalizing the deal
We will help you to conduct due diligence and to prepare all the necessary paper work.

Aforementioned services are free of cost for the companies which plan to set up a manufacturing business in Sverdlovsk Region.

Ilya Pachkay
Ilya Pachkay
Deputy Director
+7 (343) 385-95-58 ex.129
I will select the right property to match your demand

Our facilities

  • Cold and warm premises
  • Modern loading/unloading facilities
  • Area from 100 sq. meters to 10 000 sq. meter
  • Special Economic Zone
  • Cutting edge complex facilities
  • Easy access to main routes
  • Assistance with labor force
  • Modern technological equipment
  • Dead-end railroad tracks
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