Acting General Director of the Development Corporation of Sverdlovsk region Igor Vizgin signed an agreement on the implementation of public-private partnership projects in the field of ensuring the safety of hydraulic structures with the company "UralSGT-Engineering". We are talking about the reconstruction of bridges, hydraulic engineering and other artificial structures using the unique technology of the "dry" working area. This will improve the safety of bridges, dams, port and other hydraulic infrastructure for the population.

"The Corporation will assist in the organizational and legal part of the project and the selection of financing tools and state support. The implementation of such projects will optimize the funds allocated for the restoration of hydraulic structures from the regional budget three times. The volume of investments in projects by a private partner is estimated at 1 billion rubles."- said Igor Vizgin, Acting Director General of Development Corporation of Sverdlovsk region.

This method allows you to perform work all year round without decommissioning the structure, at increased water flow rates and at any depth.

"This technology is a know-how, protected by a group of patents for inventions and utility models, as well as a trademark. The main advantages of this method of work are the safety of personnel and the environment, efficiency," said Sergey Dedov, General Director of UralSGT-engineering.